Blanco Riad Hotel, is a small hotel in Tetouan (Morocco), located in a courtyard house of the eighteenth century. Columns , pillars and arches form the balcony which give access to different rooms . Spanish Consulate It was a Spanish Consulate in 1860 and during the protectorate was the home of ” Bacha ” .

Some years later, a traditional family from Tetuán lived in this riad, the Ben Hassain Family. In those moments every room of the house were interconnected and had a garden with a very large font. Over the years , the riad became a Wedding Home, all kinds of events were held. Rare is the tetuaní who has not been here invited to an event or the other.

That time passed and one day, many years later, on a trip that was not planned , I spent a night in Tetuan. Someone showed us this house, half ruined but full of light and peace. A few months later I left my job and I throw myself to this unique adventure. We spent a year restoring it , the architect , Rafael Jiménez Atienza was absolutely devoted to the idea of ​​being respectful to the house and the environment as well as generating the required comfort that an establishment like Blanco Riad. So we balanced: respecting the structure , restoring mosaics , plaster, doors and gates , and paying special attention to the quality of the facilities.

Welcome to this house and this city !